Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling at Home

Rachel is settling in very well. She and Lillian are great buddies. Mommy takes Lillian to preschool on weekday mornings while Daddy gets Rachel started in our home preschool. Rachel is working on numbers, letters, colors, basic English, and beginning writing skills. She has great pencil skills, and she tends to be most engaged when she's got a pencil or crayon in her hand.

When Lillian comes home in the afternoon, Phase II of Rachel School starts, as Rachel tends to follow Lillian and repeat what she says. Her longest English sentence to date: "You can't find us!" (shouted in a successful attempt to get Mommy to play hide-and-seek with the girls). Their play right now tends to be pretty rowdy -- lots of giggling, running around, tickling, and wrestling. Two kids are definitely louder than one!

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