Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First week of preschool

Rachel had a trial half-day of preschool last week, but this week she's started in earnest, in preparation for Mommy's return to work. She had a great first full day. Her teachers are being really great about working with her one-on-one to ascertain the kind of schoolwork (preschoolwork?) she's ready for. We've been having Mommy and Daddy school at home, so we brought in examples of what we've been doing. Her teachers said she whipped through what they'd prepared for her yesterday. Rachel still vastly prefers to say things in Mandarin, but she understands so much English that she's been able to follow along with what her teachers are working on with her. Mainly, though, she's enjoying the chance to play with a big group of kids her age. Yesterday was very warm here, so the class got to play outside quite a bit.

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The Austins at Vincent said...

Aw, two cute little Bruffett sisters!
Can't wait to see them.