Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Had a Happy Easter

Lillian had a great four days surrounding Easter weekend. First, on Friday she and Kari met her cousin, Lauren, Aunt Megan, and grandparents for a shopping/lunch/playdate at Zona Rosa.

Sunday, she dressed up in her Easter dress and bonnet (later abandoned in favor of a coordinating ballcap, her favorite kind of headgear). After church, the same relatives, plus Uncle Adam and Aunt Victoria, came to visit for the afternoon. Then, her grandparents ("Papa" Eric and "Mimi" Pat -- although Lillian has not settled on her name for Grandma yet) stayed overnight Sunday and Monday. Lillian had a great time and was not at all excited about going back to school on Tuesday. While she likes her teachers and classmates, it doesn't compare to personalized attention from adoring grandparents!