Friday, October 31, 2008

Family trip

I did not get these photos posted a few weeks ago, when I'd intended to. They're from our trip to Omaha by way of Sparta, Missouri (near Springfield -- and yes, we know it's not on the way!). The fun started with a Holt Family Picnic for other adoptive families in Kansas and Missouri. We spent a few days with Brent's sister and her family in Sparta, then headed back north to Omaha, visiting the botanical gardens, Boy's Town, the Omaha Children's Museum, the Durham Western History Museum, and finally, on our last day, the fantastic Henry Doorly Zoo.

We are blessed that, so far at least, Lillian is a road warrior. She is very well behaved in the car, and enjoys watching the world go by while listening to songs on the radio -- when she isn't being lulled to sleep by the road noise. So a long, circuitous road trip is a snap for her.