Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And hello, Jaylen!

Lillian met her newest cousin on litte Jaylen's birthday Monday. That's three granddaughters for Papa and Grammie. Lillian was very interested in the baby and liked pointing at her and saying "Baby!" We even got her to say "Jaylen" once. That means she can say both of her cousins' names better than she can her own! ("Lily" usually comes out "Nini," at least so far.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Lillian and cousin Lauren (and their respective moms) met last Friday for a playdate in an indoor play area with inflatable slides, climbing systems, and the like. Lauren is bigger than Lillian and more coordinated, so she could do more climbing, but Lillian was mostly into sliding anyway, so she just required a little assistance to get to the tops of the slides. The taller, the better for our little daredevil.

Aunt Megan is due later this month, so soon there will be three little girl cousins in the metro area. Look out, Kansas City!