Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our new home

Lillian (and Mommy and Daddy) have a new home in Shawnee, Kansas. We sold our house and 3 acres in Leavenworth County to get a bit closer to our jobs and to Lillian's preschool/daycare. She, the dogs and the cat all love the new house. The dogs love getting taken for walks, the cat loves exploring his new castle, and Lillian seems to like the whole setup better -- especially the proximity of the neighborhood swimming pool.

Mommy and Daddy like it too. Brent likes the shorter commute and the relative quiet, and Kari likes the fact that we still have green space around us, even if not much of it is ours. There is a horse pasture across the road behind our house, and Lillian is always on the lookout for the horses.