Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello from Hong Kong

Yesterday was a very difficult travel day, but it was probably just preparation for today's long flight. The train ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong was actually interesting, but the process to get to it -- awaiting Rachel Guanglan's visa package (a long wait in the Consulate lobby), waiting for the train -- was exhausting and a little scattered. But we made it to the hotel airport in Hong Kong last night, and Rachel went right to sleep while Mommy and Daddy took turns exploring the terminal and finding real Diet Coke!

Internet service was down in the hotel, but it's working here at the gate. Don't know if it's fast enough to Skype with, but we're going to try if anyone is online.

Please pray for us, and the other families on our flight, as we prepare for the 14-hour flight. Boarding begins in less than an hour.

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