Saturday, February 6, 2010


We made it home last night! I tried to post from the Hong Kong airport, but apparently that didn't get transmitted. Will try to retropost that later.

Lillian, Grammie and Grandpa, cousins Lauren, Jaylen, LaDereyon, CeNea and LeJean, and Aunts/Uncles Megan, Victoria and Adam were at the KC airport to greet us on our only slightly delayed arrival. It was so emotional again to realize we were really home. Thank you all for being there, and sorry we were so bleary!

Lillian was very excited to see us and to meet Rachel. We missed her so much, and it seems like she's grown up noticeably in just 16 days. Rachel was a bit cautious at the airport, but by the time the girls were buckled into the van and trading sunglasses back and forth (and back and forth, back and forth...) they were giggly buddies. It was cute to watch Rachel, who is a total omnivore, start picking pieces of chicken out of her chicken noodles as she watched Lillian pick through hers. And then seeing Rachel in a bathtub -- not screaming, but laughing -- was proof of the power of sisterly influence.

The girls went to bed a little before 9 last night, and Rachel joined Mommy, Daddy and Lillian in our pre-bedtime snuggling ritual. She crawled right into her bed after watching Lillian get in hers, and as of 6:21 a.m., they're both still in there, fast asleep. Not a bad first night!

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Megan said...

Love it! Love seeing their bonding so quickly. You two are some very blessed parents. So happy for your family! Love those girls!