Monday, February 1, 2010

Medicals and Red Couch day

Rachel was a trooper this morning at her medical exam. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours altogether. In addition to the same exam Lillian had two years ago, Rachel had her TB test read and had the privilege of getting SEVEN immunization shots, all at the same time. She cried and, after two shots, began to tell the nurses she didn't want any more shots. Unfortunately, even her insistent tone of voice didn't help. The nurses did a great job, but the waiting was difficult for all the kids. Four of the kids in our group had positive TB skin test readings (not Rachel), so those four also got X-rays. All four X-rays were negative, though, so it was a good outcome for all.

We had the traditional red coach photo this afternoon, which this year was a little crazier than usual because of the number of kids in this group. Holt even broke us up into two groups, but still there were 15-16 kids vying for a spot on or near the couch our group shared. Rachel did very well. She sat in the exact spot Lillian did two years ago, but she just sat pensively through the whole process. Some of Rachel's friends reacted more like Lillian had, but who could blame them after such a stressful day?

The afternoon ended with a buffet in the White Swan restaurant. Rachel ate pizza, dumplings, sticky rice, watermelon, chicken wings, biscotti dipped in a chocolate fountain, and an ice cream cone, She had been a bit droopy after waking up from her nap, possibly because of all the immunizations this morning, but some children's Tylenol and a big buffet have done wonders for her energy and attitude!

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