Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xiangjiang Safari Park

Today's main activity was a trip to the Xiangjiang Safari Park (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g298555-c66368/Guangzhou:China:Xiangjiang.Safari.Park..html). We spent late morning through mid-afternoon walking around China's leading animal park/zoo. We saw close to a dozen pandas, and Rachel got to feed a giraffe. Others in our group got to feed a baby white tiger and hold tucans. Rachel did a great job, even though the last part of the excursion was concurrent with her normal naptime. She walked quite a bit herself, although she hitched rides on Mommy's hip and Daddy's shoulders along the way. The park was beautiful, and the weather was perfect, if a bit humid for us Kansas folks.

Today was also the visa appointment, but we didn't have to be there in person. We will have to be present at the Consulate for the oath-taking ceremony tomorrow afternoon, but unfortunately the U.S. Consulate seems to be the only place we've been in China to which you can't bring cameras, so no pictures from that ceremony!

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Bruce Williams said...

It looks like it is going well for you guys- Awesome! You've done some neat things already- terra cotta soldiers- neat.